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Everyone has a question about the new terminology in the interior design industry; what is Interior fit-out? Interior fit-out is nothing but the installation of complete interior fittings – ceilings, furnishings, partitions, and floorings. Some interior companies in Dubai like Al Rashdeen Décor complete interior designing solutions right from designing the interior spaces to building them, working on turnkey projects, MEP, and so on.

Interior fit-out is more in general of transforming the empty Interior space by adding up both structural and interior furnishing features. Dubai-like countries follow 3 types of interior fit-outs category A, category B, and Shell core fit-outs.

Category A
Category A interior fit-outs include interior installation features such as HVAC systems, Grid – false ceiling, Electrical outlets, Floor designs, fire protection systems, and Toilet interiors of the commercial features. (HVAC, MEP, Flooring, and ceiling types)

Category B
Category A fit-out leads a way to design the interior furnishings – adding on the furniture, treating the walls and windows, adding floorings, partitions, interior painting, and implementing branding features in the interior design (Kitchen, Partitions, Fixtures, Furnishing, Wall classing, Interior Staircases)

Shell core fit-outs
This fit-out includes building the interior space from the envelope of the building. Adding on power connections, interior wall partitions, lighting, and other interior core features. This kind of fit-out is mostly opted for by large corporate companies. (Walls, Building fit-outs)

Steps involved in the Fit-out project:

Working on the design brief
Interior design fit-outs are based on the requirement and purpose of the space. Several site visits and meeting with the designer help in bringing out the vision one wants to add to the design.

Planning the interior space with Floor plans
Smart and effective space planning is more important than the visually pleasing design. The Interior fit-out plan incorporated with the space functionality greatly optimizes the spatial experience.

Working on the Assessment
As the plan is approved, the proper valuation is made by opting out the right wall furnishing, flooring materials, furniture types and design, lighting, and other fabrics along with the framed budget.

Framing the project management documentation
The proper management of time and labor aids in completing the project within the framed time and budget. All material specifications, contractor details, and project management are to be processed and approved at this stage.

Opting for the right material and delivery of the material
Make sure the contractor follows the fixed timeline and delivers the top-notch material and moves on construction on the framed timeline.

Regular site visits and contact with the designer can help in follow-up the project, checking on the quality, and also helps in instant change if required.

Handing over the completed interior
Choosing the right fit-out companies in Dubai is easier to manage and oversee the interior design works of the project. A team with creative members, good numbers, and a better organization works well. The interior fit-out works in Dubai incorporate various departments: Interior designers, Architects, Construction engineers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and other associated labours.

Al Rashdeen Décor being one of the leading Interior Fit Out Companies in Dubai, provide end-to-end interior fit-out design solutions for commercial and office projects. The experienced and well-knowledge interior designers, Architects, and Engineers strive to deliver top-quality interior fit out solutions in Dubai. Design well branded and inspirational office with Al Rashdeen Décor Office Fit Out Company Dubai

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