Commercial interiors – consist of adapting ‘Working areas’ created by the Designer to the fundamental functional, aesthetic or symbolic needs of its Owners. In short, it must facilitate the client’s sense of identification and subsequent appropriation of the space to enhance quality of work. The ‘Design styles’ differ greatly on individual tastes, the company business and its corporate image. But vastly is more dictated by the functionality. The range is endless, be it a restaurant or a discotheque, a boutique or a showroom an office or an institution.

With the introduction of new technology, this field also needs a vast technical knowledge of the latest systems and equipment to be incorporated in the design. The scope of choice in everyday product from seating to lighting, ties to files, modular to customize is immense. Thus the design development in these areas is much more complicated and demanding. A lot more sophistication in conceiving presentation and implementation is required. Hotel Interiors – You can never overlook the ambiance of a Hotel or Restaurant which turns as one of the key contributors to success.

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